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It's Good Relaxation Whether it's outdoors or indoors, a good tanning session is always enjoyable and relaxing. These days, life is hectic. Whether you are in school or have a job, the day is filled with so much stress. Why not take some time for yourself and go tanning? Read the Full Story
Tan in Moderation So use common sense, tan in moderation, don't let yourself burn, and enjoy the benefits that indoor tanning has to offer. Yes there are benefits! Recent studies have shown several health benefits to tanning which have resulted in some doctors now recommending tanning rather than warning against it. Read the Full Story
UV Light is good for you   Many doctors now agree that moderate exposure to UV light is good for your health because it is the only way the body can manufacture vitamin D. Read the Full Story
Increase Vitamin D While getting a tan is the first benefit most people think of, in reality, there are other benefits of tanning beds that you might not have considered. For example, in the past few years, new scientific research has been conducted whereby it has been identified that exposure to UV rays actually helps the body create a natural supply of Vitamin D. Read the Full Story
Tanning Is Healthy This topic is not discussed as much but tanning is very healthy. Your body needs Vitamin D for a variety of purposes. According to this article about the health benefits of tanning, the author discusses the theory of Vitamin D playing an important role Read the Full Story

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome to Our Salon!

We invite you to experience the best tanning equipment and excellent customer service.

Come and get your glo on at Glo Sun and Shades where we help to give your skin the glo it's been waiting for. We carry state of the art Ergoline UV units. We have no appointment policy. Just walk in to enjoy the highest level of quality products and services available at either location. So drop by, unwind and get some sun at Glo Sun and Shades.


Glo Sun and Shades
1906 Holton Rd. Muskegon, MI 49445
Tel. 231.719.0501

Glo Sun and Shades #2
2881 Henry St. Muskegon, MI 49441
Tel. 231.760.6452

Glo Sun and Shades #3
2279 E. Apple Ave. Muskegon, MI 49442
Tel. 231.375.5300


Walk-in Tanning

Level One - $6 Level Two - $8 Level Three - $10 Level Four - $18

Tickled Pink Bowtique

Tickled Pink Bowtique Bow for PremiesLocal handmade quality Hairbows and accessories for any age girl.Tickled Pink Bowtique Petti Skirt - Homemade

Newborns up to Adults!

You can find everything Tickled Pink has to offer at Glo Sun & Shades.

Hairbows, Embleshed Clippies, Flowers, Headbands, Hats, Wings, Tutu's & Pettiskirts

*The ever so popular Rhinestone Gerber Daisy's Clippies are so cute on little girls, attached to a headband or hat. They look adorable clipped in to pre-teen's to Wedding parties- A must have for any girl!

See more items at

Contact Info

Glo Sun and Shades Glo Sun and Shades #2
Glo Sun and Shades #3
1906 Holton Rd. 2881 Henry St 2279 E. Apple Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49445 Muskegon, Mi 49441 Muskegon, Mi 49442
Tel: (231) 719-0501 Tel: (231) 760-6452 Tel. (231) 375-5300